Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Fever

I find working in the garden visually inspiring. It’s like creating living art. I’m glad my husband is the same. We both have green thumb. The first month that I arrived here- gardening was my outlet. Jim had a spacious backyard but doesn’t get enough sunlight. It’s too bad we can’t plant roses; nevertheless, we managed to plant some more daisies. They grew so healthy and beautiful until the bunnies ate it and eventually died. Ah, it was so discouraging. We don’t know what else to do and so we just asked the gardener to pull the weeds and until now some part of the backyard is empty.

Well, spring is here once again! It’s a great feeling to shudder as the naked earth is warmth with the sunny breeze. Who can resist admiring endlessly, all the green grass and gusting, beautiful trees?

It’s time to shop for more flowers to plant in the yards. Hmm, maybe we’ll pick something that the bunnies can’t eat. Oh, what a wonderful feeling to be part of the nature’s rebirth!

3 Grateful Heart's Words:

Debbie said...

I love this time of year too. New life begins to bud, the sun is out and it's green. Except of course, in Phoenix sometimes it's brown. But we do have green belts and some pretty flowers here too.

gagay, MD said...

indeed gardening, arranging flowers are inspiring te..we owso have garden which mah mum do all those..i hate gardening itself,but i enjoying watching mah mum with those muds..LoL!

Nortehanon said...

I've always loved looking at spring in pictures or movies. Sana may spring din dito sa Pinas :) That would be awesome ;)