Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Things People Don't Know About Me

I was tagged by Debbie from Heart Choices. I am often on her blog because it has a different meat- very hearty and very sincere. I loved reading all her stories which are very genuine and had provided me with a different outlook. There’s always a heartfelt camaraderie, a true sense of living in a Christian way on her posts which is very inspiring. I admired her strength and I’m sure her presence is such a great gift to her community. She’s a kind of friend you always want to have :)

So, here’s the rule:

1. I have to link to the person who tagged me and that was Debbie.

2. I have to share 7 things about me that you may not know.

3. I need to tag 7 people in my post and link to them.

4. I need to let them know they've been tagged.

I loved writing ever since I was in grade school. It always starts with “Dear God”. No one in my friends (in grade school) whom I know can relate to my struggles deep within. I started writing to God instead. It was my cheap psychotherapy (sorta). I’m most normal like any other kids my age when I’m at school but I felt like I grew older.

I know a lot about poverty. My Mother had a hard life ever since she was born. I’m her “shock absorber” and she had planted a stronger heart in me. It may sound so bad for her to let me take care of her dreams for her own family but I took it as my inspiration anyway.

I became a Mom as early as 7. I help took care 3 of my younger brothers. I had a great time playing with some other kids but it was always limited or I always get spanked because I was irresponsible at times leaving my baby brothers in the room while I was playing outside the house. I remembered smelling so stinky coz they peed on my shirts (no diapers for them) and I don’t want to change my clothes coz I was into the games so much. And yes, I’m putting them all through college now. My husband would say it’s admirable but I take it as a big sacrifice to break the chain- coming from poor families was a great challenge. I never took any opportunity for granted and not taking advantage on it.

I’m a shy person but gets really talkative once I get comfortable with. I’m picky with friends too. My bad. I felt like there’s no point of the friendship if there’s no common ground or connections at all.

I always love listening to good speeches and reading books hoping I can get a grain of wisdom.

I have dreamed of becoming a nun but was discouraged when a friend told me about her bad experiences in the convent being a novice, “it felt like hell living there where your superiors were shouting at you like devils” she said. I was completely shocked at that but I never judged any congregations- I understand we are all humans. Well, I can still make a lot of things even I’m married.

I’m hoping to sponsor kids to get a degree in college in the coming years. And that’s what I’m hoping to be remembered. I don’t want to have a kid anymore. I felt like I had enough and I don’t want to go back to those times where the baby-sitting and responsibilities were just too overwhelming. But I’m not completely closing doors although deep inside my heart- I’m still not prepared and the thought itself still scare me. There are lots of kids in this world to call my own:)

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13 Grateful Heart's Words:

Debbie said...

Oh Shawie, I knew I really liked you and I'm liking you even more as I learn more about you! What an inspiration you are girl. My husband also raised his three younger sisters when his dad left the family and his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, she lived and is doing well to this day but at the time, Greg didn't know if he'd end up being mother and father to his sisters. He really didn't want children after we married for similar reasons you wrote. Because I really wanted kids, we tried for many years but I was unable to conceive. As I look back, I think it worked out the way it was supposed to.

I respect people who didn't have lots of advantages and survived and even thrived! I'm coming to learn that you are one of those people. You have such a kind heart and I really enjoy reading your blog.

lunaticg said...

Just want to Congratulate you for your tag and award.
See you around.

Sher said...

Hi Shawie,
Thanks for the tag and link!!! I'll follow through with a post on my blog and a link back to you! :0)

Now we can see where your depth of spirit came from! You have an amazing story...thanks so much for sharing it!

Have a great day,
Sher :0)

FickleMinded said...

thanks for this one,i'll let you know when i'm done posting. :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Shawie,
Thank you so much for the tag. Now we know you better. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Duni said...

when I first came across your blog, I immediately thought what a kind-hearted, intelligent lady you are. Reading your posts really is uplifting! Thanks for tagging me and I enjoyed learning more about you.

take care,


Ron Centeno said...

Hi Shawie,

Dropped by your blog. Nice to know more about you.

Take care.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

very nice things to know about you shawie! i am a reader myself and a lover of books and your great posts are worth the time.

your last thing about you rings a bell to me. me and my husband both have the desire to help students back home finish a degree and hopefully, sponsor them to come here as students as well. my husband is a student visa holder himself and we realized that if we could help someone who shows eagerness and willingness to study here in the US, being able to help and assist them especially with the financial declaration thing is what the most needed part is. hopefully, we can start fulfilling such desire in te coming years, when the husband and i could finally find a job.

God bless you in all your endeavors. the angels will be smiling watching over you because of your kind heart and deeds!

Shinade said...

Oh my Shawie I am so very moved by being tagged by you. I have tears.

I understand most of your 7 things quite a bit.

I just got my internet back a few hours ago and it's late and I am tired.

But, this is one I will get to right away.

I truly am humbled that you included me!!

Blessings of peace to you!

Meryl said...

hi shawie,musta? nice to know more about you here...

Scotty's Princess said...


I have learned so many things about you just from reading all your posts but I have kept my silence. But this time I can not hold it any longer, haha!

It's always refreshing to know that you are willing to share every bits and pieces of you to let us somehow have a little glimpse of you; of what SHAWIE really is deep inside. I hear your struggles and I can tell you have been healed and been blessed. Do continue to be a blessing to other people and all of that will go back to you ten folds. I know you have touched many people's lives through your writings. You have touched mine...

Stay blessed always!


Alicia said...

I love your attitude of how you look at your trials as a means of shaping you and molding you into something better and learning to break the chains of a poor life. You definately have a mother heart even if you don't have your own children. This mother heart has led you to do some amazing work for your family and those around you. Thank you for your story. It has uplifted my soul today.

P.S. I think "Dear God" is the best way to write a letter, especially when you feel alone.

Shinade said...

Okay it is done. I was very open and honest. It got very late so I hope you will forgive me when you get to the end.

I don't normally do tags. But, I wanted to share this with you.

So for you I did a tag.

Wow it's almost 5am here. I am headed to grab a few hours of sleep.