Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It was one of those late afternoon naps,
When the silence is deafening,
And the soap opera from the neighbor’s radio is echoing,
When the clammy wind blows over the wall,
That I would lay myself on the hard wood.
Staring at the holes on the ceiling where the summer heat showed its luster,
And I would build the castle of my youthful imagination,
As I walk silently in a splendid garden,
Where the roses and leaves sway to the music of the blowing wind,
And the trees dancing to the tune of the heavenly lullaby,
Giving my heart a hope, a sense of purpose in an endless surprise.

Ah, anything will be possible!
If others can, I can do it too.
I will never stop looking for that path,
It is mine to seize and to take.
Like a little winged seed sown in my abundant heart,
I gently renew the promise once again before I closed my eyes.

I awoke from my mother’s shriek,
Feeling better, refreshed.
Seeing the innocence on my baby brother’s eyes,
Gives me a zest and faith beyond compare
As I tenderly carried him to my young arms again.

I looked at life so differently,
I let my free spirit softly touch my enchanted paradise,
For no one knows the treasures I buried within.
I could hardly wait to grow up and explore the world,
To find the biggest mysteries in life.

I will not fear,
I will not stop looking for that dazzling, guiding star up above.
Perhaps though daydream is sweeter,
It is for the idle souls.
Yet it is one of those late afternoon naps that I find comfort and strength.
Now I would know too much.
And it matters no more when blessings and tears are cherished.


6 Grateful Heart's Words:

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi shawie...this is a very nice post..it's like a poem..very meaningful..

visiting you here everyday and ec drop here too.

umeko said...

i like your pic in this post

Rick said...

Hi Shawie, You've just been featured on Blazing Hot Blogs! http://blazinghotblogs.blogspot.com

Alicia said...

Shawnie, Did you write this poem? It is very good! I like the part especially where it says, "I will not fear, I will not stop looking for that dazzling, guiding star up above."
Have a wonderful day :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It is a wonderful poem of a youthful experience, full of heart and soul. It is best to contemplate life's meanings on an afternoon rest where everything is idyllic and soft and where communing with God is almost automatic. You are indeed a poet whose heart is on nature and emotions. Thanks for the elegant piece of poetry. God bless you always.

es said...

nice thoughts...

madalas din akong mag daydream!hehe