Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something Fishy

I know, it looked disgusting, haha! I had lunch date with my friends at home yesterday. I didn’t work half of the day. It was D’s day off; Faye will have her classes late (night) and no work for both Faye and Jinks. So, I decided to grill the dried fish which I had stocked in the pantry for a long time. My husband freaked out when he found out there’s dead body in the pantry, lol! Okay, I thought he’s going to work early and so I invited my friends to come over before 12 noon. It appears that my husband can’t go to work since he’s working on his new Christmas products at home. Yikes, he will surely smell that stinky fish, hahaha! Thank goodness, our next-door neighbor, W is not around- I didn’t see his car outside. So, it’s okay to grill those dried fish outside.

My husband was fine with it. He said I can do it once in a while, hahaha! He already told me I can’t cook dried fish inside the house. He threw up one time. It’s all so stinky that I felt so bad. Well, I’m just craving for it and had cooked bihon too.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Te Shaw, can u add me on ur blog? heheheh.. Btw, dried fish!~ I have here bakay sounds as my name.. but it's my favorite. So then, just dropping-by. Hey u haven't claim the award yet.. it's waiting of u on my page.. sge, Happy blogging! smile as always! (~_~)