Monday, January 19, 2009

Magic Number 51

It was our final exams for EEII (Electrical Circuits). The exam was held in a big conference room (seat arrangements in ascending order) and the chairs were 5 feet apart. There were about 120 students taking the exam. It was a 3-hour exam and of course the instructor can always tell whose cheating since everybody’s visible from afar.

The exam was composed of 100 questions/ problem solving, multiple choices and “show your solutions” at the back. I was all so prepared for the exams, studied every possible problems and activities at every Electrical Circuit book I can find at the library. Nevertheless, the exam, scenario and the circuitry presented was so complicated. Actually, it was just one situation. The trick though is if you can answer the first part then, you’re good to go. Even that first part was found on number 51 question. So, you have to go through all the questions. They’re all scattered like a puzzle.

I sweated for the first 30 minutes. I had tried every possible technique and principles on the problem but I just can’t find the answer. I was stuck on number 51. Then, an hour passed and I still can’t find the right answer. My paper was all messed up with possible solutions, numbers and formula but still I was stuck. If only I can get the answer for that number 51! Darn! I was looking at my other classmates specially those whom I know can possibly answer but they’re shaking their heads. Then, I started to panic. I know, I had to pass this exam otherwise, I will lose my scholarship! At that time, the university just changed the grading system to finalist- meaning, 70% of our overall grade is taken from our final exam.

My mind was just wandering on the second hour of the exam. Scared, frustrated and hopeless. I imagined myself out of school, trying to apply for a job. I look around and seen the seats almost empty. Just a few students remained in the room, trying hard to answer the problems. Then, I started praying the rosary, trying to calm my mind, asking for a miracle and a light from the Holy Spirit. I finished the rosary in about 30 minutes and I just let go of my dreams. Well, I tried my best after all.

Then, I looked down again on that number 51 question. As if a certain idea came up and I hurriedly tried answering the question by filling up the answers first. In short, reversing the problem. I tried all the choices from A-D, I realized there should only be one answer to the question and every problem there is always a solution. I bet you, I was right! I was all so shaking as I found the answer to #51. I only have 30 minutes left! And there’s still 99 questions to answer but as I said, it will all be easy as long as you know the answer to #51. Ah, the magic number!

Not only did I pass the exam but I got a perfect score! That instructor gave us a problem that was given during their Licensure Exams, grrr! Then, he approached me, shook my hand and said, “Congratulations!”. I know that I got a good grade but I didn’t realize it was perfect. Wow! He was so shocked! He thought I was all so smart, hahaha!

Anyway, when I took the review for our Licensure Exams, one of the techniques they taught us was “Reverse Engineering”. I just smiled onto that idea. Oh, I know what that means. Above all, there’s one thing I found out after that incident. Miracles do exist! Sometimes, all you have to do is discover it within you coz that’s where it resides:)

8 Grateful Heart's Words:

Anonymous said...

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Joy-Anne said...

prayers are really powerful, congratulations on acing the exams.

the donG said...

very interesting! i should say congratulations to you too! perfect!!! you impress me. electrical circuits is not that easy.

reverse engineering is indeed helpful.

Mae said...

Congratulations and I wish you well.

SHIELA said...

wow perfect! grabe ka bright oi.

that's what my secret as well when i take exams...pero dili man ma perfect. i just pray nga basta mupasar lang tama na :)

Anonymous said...

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Nortehanon said...

Wow, a perfect score for an exam! It is hard to come by sa buhay ng isang estudyante hahaha. Ang galing-galing naman!

Ana said...

Congratulations!!! I wish I'm as smart as you as I just finished my exams but we do in different way by presentation and group work so it's hard to get a perfect grade unless you're all smart. But I'm not surprised because we Filipinos consider education as our first priority.
Thank you for visiting and I hope you don't mind adding you on my faveslist and as well in BC coz I like your site something we should not forget gratitude especially to our parents.
Thanks and God Bless