Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flowers in Bloom

The first week I arrived here, Jim and I were so busy planting more flowers in the yard. I love flowers especially roses but our location doesn’t get enough sunlight for the roses to grow. The funny part though was when Jim bought bags of dirt at Home Depot. I thought that was funny since we can just grab some dirt on the hill. I mean, that’s how we do it in my country. My husband was just laughing at me; he thought I’m being silly, lol!

When my Mom was here, she always wakes up so early in the morning. She goes out strolling in the neighborhood. One time, when it’s time for her to leave- she told me if it’s okay to pick some stems of the flowers in the association’s place (where they put the community sign). She really wanted to bring some stems to plant once she gets back home in the island. I was panicked, I told her- she might go to jail for that, hahaha! My Mom loves gardening and she spends more money on her orchids than her clothes.

Anyway, our flowers are in bloom right now despite the winter season. Ah, early spring for them. Here’s some pictures from our front and back yard.


14 Grateful Heart's Words:

the donG said...

wow! so winter is about to say bye bye.

Shinade said...

Hi Shawie,
I am back blogging and wanted to drop over and visit. Oh my I am so glad I did. The garden is simply beautiful.

I awoke to ice yesterday. and we are freezing here.

Oh at least for a few minutes here I can feel the warmth. And I love roses too!!

It's good to be back. I have missed everyone bunches!!

GAGAY said...

ms've been awarded..whew!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Shawie, I enjoyed reading your post. I love flowers on the garden, too. And above all, I feel so happy that your mom had the chance to visit you there. I wish I can have my mom get here, too. She always said she is too old to come here. But I really would like to show to her what I am experiencing right now. After all, it was her wish to be here, too. :)
Have a nice day.

SHIELA said...


maayo pa mo diha mag spring na. diri gaantos gihapon sa katugnaw.

Shawie said...

thanks for the drop guyz:)

STACI said...

Your lucky. Unfortunately, it's still cold in Atlanta and everything still looks dead. Every time it starts to warm up a bit and the plants start to come out, we have another frost. I shouldn't complain though. It's a lot colder in other parts of the country right now.

The thing with your mom picking the plants was funny. I'm always scared my homeowner's association is going to sue me for stupid stuff, too, especially now that they switched to a management company. There latest thing is sending out letters telling us we all needed to buy acid to get the oil stains out of our driveways, like this neighborhood doesn't have bigger problems than oil stains.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawie, thank you for the Flowers in Bloom. They look like a miracle today. It's yours heart that blossoms out with these flowers and warms all your readers. Thanks once again for the sharing of the light of gratitude that seats us all back in awe.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

hi shawie!
this is unfair! how come it's already spring time in there while we've had beds of snow right here? LOL that's just a beauty to behold sis! i love springtime a lot! and summer. and fall. and winter! ahaha!


Duni said...

your garden looks beautiful. I love roses too. I have a rambling rose in my back garden, and it seems to prefer cool weather.
But I wish it were warmer here!

raphnix said...

That sure make you realize it worth a lot to plant those love flowering plants. It's like looking at your priceless prize.

es said...

hey i like your mom..she reminds me of my mom too..and i love that innocence huh, of course being in a foreign land. bitaw, natawa ako sa kwento mo. we don't buy dirt here and we can pick flowers in highways unless there's a "no picking sign".:)

nice site. can i link you?

FickleMinded said...

i can't wait for Spring time either, btw I have an Award For You :)

Anonymous said...

wow, your garden looks fab ;-)