Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

I have loved the weather lately. It was warmer since last week with an average of 80’s F. Today, I woke up with the sound of rain drops. Ah, making me so lazy to get up, lol! Thank goodness, the rain had visited us once again. My husband called after few minutes I arrived at the office- wondering if I got in safely.

You know, I always thought we lived in a small town or maybe because we’re frequent to some places like the Market (Vons), Bank, Post Office, Yogurt place, and even restaurants. My husband and I get along pretty good when it comes to foods. When we discover a new place to eat; then, it becomes part of our routine. Sometimes, when we go to a certain place, the waiter/waitress already knew what we’re going to order. Same all, same all- that’s all needed to say. Or when I go to any of these places by myself, I always get the same line of “where’s your husband?” or “say hi to Jim” thing or worse, when they won’t see him for a while- it would be “what happened to your husband? Is he okay?” I thought it’s funny. Or it could be that it’s easy to familiarize because of our colors, hahaha! Nevertheless, I’m happy for that kind of concern or attention. I don’t remember having a problem with racial discrimination which is good.

Happy TGIF! A invited us over for a dinner at their house and a movie after then:)

5 Grateful Heart's Words:

Buddha said...

I was browsing the blogosphere in search of intelligent life and I stopped to say hello!
I’m also looking to find some friends.

Love, peace and prosperity!

GAGAY said...

Ms Shawie..thank you for your advices..whew!appreciated those!


Cacai_Nad said...

Hi Te Shaw, and now it's Happy Saturday! heheheh.. is it still raining in your place now? in here(my place), it is still. Anyway, I tag you or I have an award for you, hope you will claim and grab it here
Happy Blogging!

KCee said...

Got a tag for you HERE, sis.

Have a great week ahead! :D

Dorothy L said...

Good day to you Shawie...I have moved several times in my life and one of the hardest parts of relocating is that no one knows you anywhere you go.
I remember when a woman stopped me in Target probably one year after I moved to the States...I had only briefly met her one would have thought I had just found an old friend. I realized then how important it is to have some familiar faces to smile to and to smile back :)
Have a very positive day!