Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Measure of Passion

My husband collects coins as his investment. The prices of the collectible coins right now are surprisingly high. Last week, he was pissed because he bought a whole bunch of coins- probably around $800 total from one seller on eBay. When it arrived, he was so disappointed. The coins didn’t look exactly as the photos. So, when he saved the photos and blow it up, some marks were gone. The photos were greatly photoshopped! Oh, a bunch of thieves, he said. When we looked at his sales, he had sold a lot, more than 3000 feedback in a month. Wow!

He asked for a refund and returned some of the coins that looked terrible. The guy gave his refund but my husband still is not satisfied. He asked me if it was me- “would I give him a negative feedback?” I said, no- maybe neutral. But he said, it’s stealing and if he wouldn’t respond correctly, it will just continue. Of course, he is right but I don’t think I had the nerve to do it. Wished I’m like him.

My husband’s attitude pretty much reminded me of my Mom. When I was a kid, I’m always scared when my Mom got into trouble. I mean, she doesn’t tolerate injustice, lies and misconceptions. She’s very upfront and outspoken no matter what, where and to whom she’s speaking with especially if she knew that it’s not good. One time, she attended a PTA during one of our high school’s general assembly. She was all the way speaking against the lazy teachers, inconsiderate nuns, lousy teaching strategies, poor discipline, etc. Nobody can do it except my Mom and most parents were just nodding, they had complains but doesn’t talk at all. I was the class President at that time but I didn’t really go to the meeting room. She already told me that she’s going to speak. I begged her not to do it coz it would be embarrassing but of course nobody can stop her. It was just one of the scenarios though. Presently, she acts as the voice of the employees and she’s the President of the Union. Thank goodness, it’s a government union to sort of protect employees.

My husband kept asking me how is it possible that most of her kids (us) are so coy and timid unlike our Mom which has a strong personality. He even asked me if I’m still embarrassed of what she had done. Well, after all these years, I realized my Mom is right and I’m proud of it.

7 Grateful Heart's Words:

Juliana said...

hahaha, make that 4 and that includes me and my Mom. outspoken when wronged. I would do the same thing that your husband is intending to do: give the seller a negative feedback.

it's amazing that my husband and my late Dad are exactly the way you would be in such situation.

God knows to match the perfect partners, I guess. coz, if both were the same, I guess it would be a disaster.

oh, and my husband collects coins too. he has a good collection but his sports cards collection is more extensive as he has been collecting since he was 14.

Jacqueline said...

You should definitely be proud of your mom for giving a voice to the voiceless. As you already know, this world is not perfect and many need people like your mom to speak on their behalf.

Cheers! :-)

Jade said...

My mom is somewhat like your mom too but she mellowed after awhile...

I am an ebayer but haven't been active lately.And we are also collecting coins you know as investment;)

Jade said...

Have a great weekend Shawie!

Cacai_Nad said...

Wow.. TE Shaw am speechless.. a very nice photo of mom and daughter! U're mom is a very brave one in a good way. kudos! Hope u and u're readers Te Shaw could visit my blog, am just new but I hope u could stop-by at here

lunaticg said...

I am also a coin collector and coin seller. this kind of thing happen to me all the time. I have a terrible experience with e-bay and don't want to go back in there.
Send my regards to your husband, see you around.

Anonymous said...

hehehe. my mom's a bit like that; when i was younger i tended to resent it, but now i am amazed at how much i seem to resemble my mom ;-) scary. hahahah!