Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Last Friday, I was sweating all day at the office despite the freezing temperature. It was definitely a busy day for me. My desk was just so full of paper works, billings and checks. I did bring some of the works at home to finish though. I didn’t even went to the mall with my friends- it’s quiet a very hectic day. Jinky just drop the banana cake she baked at the office- which is very nice! I didn’t even realize it was Friday only when B and A told me “Have a great weekend!” I thought it’s Monday, hahaha!

Anyway, my fish tank is quiet crowded now. I was so excited when we bought the first fish (African Cichlid) and the algae eater. He was doing great and after 3 days we bought 2 other smaller Cichlids.

Whew! It was quiet horrible inside the tank. Most people think that it’s very nice and quiet inside but actually it's terrible. I was so scared that the new fish won’t survive the next day. The first fish is just so mean to them. He was all the way chasing the new fish- very territorial. Poor little fish, they were so terrified and just stayed up above the tank and sometimes go down the bushes. Well, they’re pretty aggressive but smart fish. I liked them better than goldfish. I only have an 8-gallon tank and so it’s a lot harder to have more fish inside. They become friends when I woke up and getting along pretty good.

B and Lu gave us coupons last Christmas and so we did use one that says: Good for One- Night at the Movies! (Please no Scary Movies)

Cool! We watched “Valkyrie” right after a good dinner at Chilis. The movie is fine but as always a downer- these Nazi movies. We overheard one lady talking when we left the theater saying- she was hoping that Tom and their plan would be successful. We thought that was funny - as if history didn’t happen, lol! Happy Weekend:)

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

What a hectic weekend you have. Having an aquarium with exotic fishes sure relaxes one's tired body. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.