Friday, October 24, 2008

We're Moving on Monday!

We have been extremely busy these past few weeks from looking for the right building to move, closing the deal, setting up the racks in the warehouse, cleaning, moving things around and shopping for furnitures. It’s a big advantage to buy these days since there’s just a lot of foreclosures and bargains everywhere online. We had bought a pretty good forklift for 3grand and its real value could be around 10grand. We had bought nice set of office furnitures (desk, conference table with chairs and long drawer) for only $1,100. Isn’t that sweet? See this:

I’m a little bit excited now even though that would mean more driving everyday. Spoiled me, eh? I don’t drive much; in fact, my car is over 6 month-old but only had 1,400miles on it, lol! It’s pretty much just small errands from market, post office, bank or staples.

Anyway, I’m hoping I can still do my blogging chores everyday. I would be stuck with laptop at home which I really don't like, it's too inconvenient for me, haha! Well, I just love blogging as my hobby. In fact, earning from it ( I’ve earned more than a thousand since late April from this blog alone) is just an icing on the cake. Having said that, thanks to my buddy- Atenean101 for another award. This is amazing! Cheers!


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good steal.. those are nice bargain deal.. tnx for visiting my wordless
Memory Filled
Sweety tots

jaejae said...

hi sha... does the net always has the best deals? i mean, is it always wise to shop or look for things online? am not much of an online shopper (except for my bike parts and electronics stuff) so am not really into it. i see you get pretty good loots from the net all the time!

Shawie said...

thanks guys for dropping by:)
@architect: no prob, liked ur blog:) will visit more often
@jaejae: I think it depends but really these days one can get good deals, we even saw fairly new house appliances online for cheap prices, they just want to dump all their stuff coz it's gonna be foreclosed, not sure in Canada if u have craigslist- that's just a good place to shop, hahaha!