Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Call for Privacy

It is definitely annoying when you get phone calls from telemarketers. I remembered my very first month here in the US where I enrolled in an online school. I didn’t officially enroll myself; I just sign up and look for some guidelines. Without preconditions, I put all the information including my husband’s cell phone number since I don’t have one at that time. After an hour, he got a lot of phone calls from different colleges- looking for me. So, he turned off his phone and the next day, he got lots of messages. That was so annoying and worse; I got ample of junk emails and even snail mails. It was incredibly annoying and I was so sorry to have done that to my husband’s privacy. I have no idea at all. If only I could turn back the time but it was too late. His cell phone number had been sold to some other companies as well as my email to some companies that purchase marketing lists. Well, I’m glad to have found this website- Privacy Council that takes back our personal privacy. Thanks to their enormous mission of putting an end to unwanted junk mail, SPAM and phone calls. Their expert privacy team will personally file the appropriate paperwork to get you off (and keep you off) the following marketing lists. Their special personalized removal and monthly monitoring service includes:
Ongoing submission of your phone number to the National Do Not Call List, which takes you off most telemarketing lists.
Removal from the Direct Marketing Association's List, which takes your name off of most catalog lists.
Removal from the Advo, PennySaver, The Flyer, and ValPak direct mail lists.
Opt-out of most Catalogs, Mail Order, and Magazine Lists.
Removal from Pre-approved Credit Card Offers mailing list.
Removal from Reverse Phone Directories.
Removal from Sweepstakes Lists.
Removal from the National Political Do Not Contact Registry.
I think this is a great way to help people and so if you’re interested, Privacy Council is always seeking more marketers to join their team and be a part of this movement to reduce unwanted solicitations and their impact on privacy and the environment. Help end SPAM, junk mail and unsolicited phone calls and keep individual privacy safe.

3 Grateful Heart's Words:

the donG said...

people do deserve privacy. although im not in the US but i think your suggestion will definitely help.

what's good is, there's less of that here in the philippines.

Shawie said...

exactly, people change their numbers like they change their clothes, hahaha! mahirap kasi dito:)

Mentor said...

here in Philippines we receive too many spam text from Smart and even from unknown company offering various products and services. Aside from annoying spam text it is also bothering for me to receive ads that i can not afford.
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