Thursday, October 9, 2008

Running Aground

Jim is pretty much excited for the new building. Yep, we’re moving before the month ends to an office. Since we already rented 3 small warehouses (including his Mom's building); Jim thought it’s time for us to move to look more professional. He owned a building in Irvine but it’s just too big for us and we can’t afford it yet. We’re just so grateful that the Chinese who rented it did renew their rentals for another 3 years. It could have been a headache if they didn’t renew it as the real state is so bad. The money can help us deal with the mortgage and pay the rest to the new building’s expenses.
I’m not that excited though. I’m thinking of waking up so early, driving to work, etc. It’s always nice to work sometimes with your pajamas on, lol! Well, it’s nice to have the house more private since Blaine and Debbie work here. We can turn the office back to a bedroom.

We’re just so very grateful the business is doing great but a big headache for my husband as we might pay 300grand for the taxes. Geeee… sometimes, you wished it weren’t that profitable. Actually, we don’t even have that big amount of money for the tax. It will take up all the cash in the bank and maybe take more from his retirement of which has also been down by 25grand due to the economic meltdown. That would even prevent him from developing new products. Bummer! He kept saying it’s not fair for him whose been working his ass off just to make the business growing. He never even played that real estate game, he continued.

I don’t really blame him for not voting Obama. He will greatly affect him personally. Everybody in the neighborhood had the same problem. It’s gonna cost them more if Obama will win. A friend told me that her parents went into this meeting/fundraising for McCain- composed of wealthy people and that night alone, they were able to raise 4Million. Now, I know why. Well, the fact is- I just can’t take McCain and Palin’s dirty politics. That’s all. I always thought McCain seemed to be the insecure politician in the race with in fact, he’s got more experience than Obama, he’s way older and should have been wiser but acted too immature and Sarah Palin is like an echo that’s just so busy attacking without even laying her plans. Ah, self-righteous, pro life Christians.

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