Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Trip to The Dentist

I was so tensed when I arrived at the Dentist’s office this morning. I’m always scared of shots, needles or anything of that sort. I remembered I passed out when a Dentist (public Dentist) pulled my molar tooth. It took her 2 hours and the clinic was poorly equipped with medicines. I felt the pain like crazy and I thought I was going to die. That was really a bad experience and I was a freshman high school then. After that incident, I never wanted to go see a dentist anymore. That’s probably the reason why I got a lot of cavities then. Hmmm, chicken me, huh?

Anyway, the whole root canal was so smooth and painless. But they found another one (next to it) that should have a root canal too- before they'll do the impressions. Oh, bummer! Well, it is what is. I’m just glad it was not as painful as I thought it would be. Thanks to the Laser Technology.

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