Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spider Fights

It’s actually the spider season. I’ve seen not only one but a lot of these spider webs and big spiders in the yard. I’ve never seen really big spiders before. Here’s one that’s outside my office.

You know, when we were kids- we used to collect spiders. We name them according to their colors. We usually put them in a matchbox with a very creative kind of compartments that will separate them all. Each spider has their own hole (made of cardboard) in that small matchbox. We always go out hunting for spiders in the trees. We all brag about how fight masters our spiders will be. Then, the next hour we let them fight. That is, letting the spiders crawl on a stick (broom stick from coconut) and whichever is killed- the owner of that spider will be the loser. Then, loser will give one spider to the winner as an award. Well, when you grow in a place that has a shortage of toys- playing with spiders is so much fun, lol!

Anyway, when I came back from Taiwan- I was so shocked when I saw a group of adults circled together alongside the street and they seemed so serious about something. Curiously, I joined in and found out that they bet on the spider fights. What? I thought those were kid’s games. So much astounding when I found out they have real money for that. Geeezzzz, they make it like a cockfight. Hmmm, I wish I could send these big spiders from the yard just so my little brother can win money from it. Seriously, my brother did win money from that spider fight. So strange!

4 Grateful Heart's Words:

Kirhat said...

This post brings back memories when my brother and I were still kids. We were not that adventurous in catching spiders so we just asked some friends to do that for us and we will just pay them.

Seek No More
Nesting Buddy

SHIELA said...

Shie kabalo na ka sa pinoy pag abot sa sugal very creative kaayo...hehehe. So you're one of the boys diay ha kadtong gamay pa ka. Ako mahadlok ko og "damang" sa una :)

Kirhat said...

Hi Shiela!

Taga-diin ka? Cebu? Dumaguete? Ako gali from Iloilo.

Seek No More
Nesting Buddy

Shawie said...

@ kirhat & shiela...I remembered crying one time becoz my Mom burn my matchbox w/ spiders on it coz I'm being bad & lousy with the house chores...too bz playing with the spiders:(