Thursday, September 4, 2008

Angels are Everywhere

I’m just so proud of my colleagues and friends whom I met in Taiwan. You know, working abroad and away from the family is just so lonely and difficult especially at a young age. To be honest, things changed so fast and I always thought that was the worst nightmare I ever had but as years went by- it turned out to be my sweetest dream ever. I learned a lot and I see things in a different way. Indeed, it’s true that there’s no learning without pain.

I just like to share with you this inspiring story of my friend, Diana whom I met in Taiwan. She got married and presently living in Netherlands for 7 years now. Her story is quiet an inspiration and just thought it’s worth sharing too.

She wrote:
"It was a very nice day; the sun is shinning, lovely weather. I went to the fitness center; it was too early and not much people. I stop by the reception area and have a chat with our receptionist Marion. I did not see her since I came back from vacation. We talk a lot, I told her about the foundation, she was so enthusiast, she likes to help, I was then very happy….another new member.
But it did not stop there, few weeks later got a call from her, she has a friend a high school teacher and every year they are inviting different foundation that helps children to make a presentation about their goal and project because they will be giving donation. Last year they give more than 12,000 Euro donations in Africa. We were very happy to be invited, but we have less than a week to prepare. We don’t know what to do. I talk to our municipal health doctor in Miagao, and he immediately reply that Miagao need a Pediatric and Children Ward. It was a good idea. Mildred, Guus and I will do the presentation Theo will do the programs in computer. Lineth will take pictures and operate the laptop, Two days before the presentation we received a letter from the municipal of Miagao but it was not enough, we need more information. Despite of internet and fax machines, distance makes it too difficult to communicate if you are on the other side of the world, another reason was brown out in Miagao, and they could not email or fax complete information to us.
A day before the presentation we are still busy doing research…. we decided that we will just talk about Philippines, our foundation and our proposed project, we have Philippines map, information from the internet, enlarge pictures of Filipino children….pictures of street children looking for food, pictures of children sleeping in the corner of the street…hoping that this pictures will touch there hearts and help us.
Now it is time for our presentation….we are so nervous, but when we started talking, everybody was so silent and listening. They ask many questions, that makes us feel good and confident. We went home happy and satisfied with our presentation, we had a nice experience. They told us to wait for few weeks for the result.
We arrived home, got an email from Dr. Montalban with complete information. I feel a bit disappointed because it came late. Guus decided to call the teacher if we can email the info for student so that they can read it. We mailed it.
That evening we had BBQ Party at home, when everybody was there Guus give a toast and immediately told us the good news. The teacher told him that the board had already made their decision to help our foundation. Everybody was so shock. We are lost of words and it came too soon. Yes, we made it!!!!!
Miagao will be building a Pediatric and Children Ward soon. It will be a big project and it will help not only the children in Miagao but also the neighboring town. Isn’t that wonderful?
As I look back where we had started …..4 months ago, so many things happened. It was tough, there were many problems, there were many tears. We made mistakes and we learned from that and it did serve as a lesson, to make us better and stronger.
We met many people. I can say that most of them are Angels, just like Marion she was an angel, an instrument to spread the news about our foundation to her friend, her friend who is a teacher is also an Angel who invited us to do the presentation, the student who were there during our presentation were Angels. And because of them Miagao will soon have a Pediatric and Children Ward."

That's quiet a wonderful story! I'm very proud and happy for all of them. There's just no comparable joy to being unselfish. You can also visit their website at Help Filipino Children.

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the donG said...

nice piece. i think this really happens.

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Selerines said...

Ya you are right.. Thats really a nice thing, to go and live in some other place separately. Because we will learn so many things, apart from the theoretical life.... Nice one friend...