Saturday, September 6, 2008

Photo Hunt "Strings"

I'm not sure if this curtain is made of strings (in Urban Thai resto) but it looks like it, lol! I was so busy doing some other stuff at work that I didn't realize it's dinner time and so we just went out to dinner in a Thai restaurant. We both ordered two yellow chicken curry and a Tom Yum Kung for starter. After serving the soup, came another plate of curry and a bowl of rice. I told Jim that the lady forgot about my order. Then, I thought maybe we should have ordered one serving since it's quiet a large plate. He just teased me that it's been combined together. When we got the bill- apparently, there's only one:) Well, we're both full, can't complain, lol!
Happy weekend all:)

5 Grateful Heart's Words:

Liz said...

It looks enough like string to me!

Yuo got a bargain there!

Hootin' Anni said...

Well...there has to be strings involved in 'stringing' the beads. Right?

That is a neat photo.

My strings are strung and strummed...stop by if you can find time. Happy Hunting!

Anonymous said...

It certainly does look as if it's made from string. Great shot!

KCee said...

Hi Shawie!

Tagged you HERE.

Thanks and have a great week ahead! :)


irish said...

hello,exchange link? i already added you. hope u could add me too and pls let me know.

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