Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bitter-Sweet Remembrance

It’s funny how a smell, a simple song or melody or a simple gesture can remind you of something and bring back those memories and feelings - good or bad. You know, we did some shopping today and I was sniffing on some lotions and colognes of Victoria’s Secret. It pretty much reminded me of waking up so early when I was still working in that call center. I had to wake up around 4AM and prepare myself for that 5:30AM shift. Or when I used that Safeguard soap which I bought from the Filipino store- it’s some kind of facial soap to me. The smell pretty much reminded me of my college days where I’m a little insecure because I’m not like any other student who can afford a lot of things (their parents gave them more money for school allowances). Or using that conditioner from L’Oreal which I have been using on my first few weeks here- which reminds me of an awkward feeling in a foreign country and adjusting to a new life- married life. We never really had a long courtship period. Although we knew each other for 3 years prior to getting married, still there were lots of things we dealt with.

I was just watching the Filipino Variety Show on TV – “ASAP” and the week’s theme is all about the Pop ‘80’s. I was just a kid during those years (in the 80’s) and most of my cousins were already teenagers. There used to be “bayli” or a taxi-dance almost every month to raise funds for the fiesta. There's no electricity at that time and so the sound system owners had this big and loud generator. Ladies from different villages were invited or should I say, there’s a compulsory invitation to all ladies in every village. My cousins were always present in those social activities. All the ladies were being seated in a long bench. Male patrons will pay for the ticket to dance with the ladies. Oh, the not-so-pretty lady sometimes is left behind (on the bench). Of course, men would want to dance and get-to-know the prettiest lady in that event. One time, as we were walking back to our own village after the dance- one of my cousins stepped on a cow’s poop, yikes! It was so dark and just imagine walking with it for another 20 minutes, lol! Okay, it’s not fun at all. Well, all those songs from the ‘80’s really remind me of my cousins (some are now in Switzerland). We just laugh at those old memories. I’m just glad I never go through all those ticket-a-dance system or a lady being the priced flower for the night. Actually, you have no choice but to dance with some drank male patrons, haha! When Disco became popular during our high school days, old people specially my Grandma was so pissed and annoyed at the blinking lights, lol!


2 Grateful Heart's Words:

MommaWannabe said...

wow those are some memories! I heard those about those type of dance from my mom - but didn't know it was a cumpolsary hehe.

Thanks for sharing your stories Shawie.I always enjoy reading them.

By the way,I have a new blog, it's called MommaWannabe .

My Life and Me is at temporarily unaccessible (i hope) for me that's why I cant make new posts.

Anyway, keep on writing - you are really good.


SHIELA said...

I remember those days that me and my friends go to "baylihan" not to dance but to looked at who doesn't dance well...hehehe.