Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Increasing Obstacle to Maritime Trade

We have been following the news about the first American ship that was captured in a wave of pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia. Indeed, very interesting circumstances that turned out to be a successful process. A heroic move of Capt. Richard Phillips who had saved the lives of his crew and above all, his own life. It was such a great act of faith. Oh, I can’t wait to watch it on the movie soon, lol!

You know, it always scares me whenever I hear piracy (hijacking) news. Most of my high school friends worked as a sailor or it’s more popular to us as “seaman”. I can just recall how they dreamed of becoming a sailor someday just to tour around the world. In fact, my baby brother is now on his last year in college and worked as an OJT in a shipping company (Interisland) in the Philippines.

It’s quiet a lonely job but they’re paid better. Even two of my close friends were married to sailors. They seemed prepare for the long separation and the absence. And if they’re lucky, the wife can get pregnant whenever the husband takes off to work.

Well, I hope this piracy issue will soon be stopped and resolved. I just can’t help but worry for my brother and some other Filipinos who are most likely to encounter such situations. The majority of the ship, if not all had some Filipinos (crew/captain) and then few other nationalities working on it.

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

i know what you're talking about shawie! i have a cousin who is a crew of a cargo ship and my hubby's friends are, too.

this morning, we read in the news something that's really captivating and interesting. the US government tried so hard to rescue a single person who was held by the pirates and did u know the numbers? there are still remaining 400 hostages right now and among the 400 are 92 filipinos. see? that's a lot but we never hear anything about the government's aid and rescue operation. poor filipinos!

Anonymous said...

i cnt imagine if my husband is on that same situation (God forbid)....that is what i always pray for the safety of my hubby every time he is on board...i read many news bout seamen and pirates mag-buto2x jud ako dughan ...unsaon ta man agwanta jud ta ani kay mao man ang ato kapalaran....

Salute said...

I know about being married to a service person and they are always on a mission away from home. And that bring about a lonely feeling sometimes. I know you got to do what you got do.

Duni said...

Hi Shawie,
yes, it seems piracy is on the rise, lately. I'm not much of a 'sea' person, but I empathize with the sailors who chose to do this line of work and who have to face this awful situation.
Hope all is well your end.


ps - I have trouble logging on to Entrecard again!

Ana said...

Hi Shawie,
Up to date din kami dyan kasi dito ang main office ng Mærsk. Parang movie di ba sya he's welcome as a hero they showed on the TV today.
My uncles and cousin are seafarers also so I'm so saddened by this piracy. There were Filipinos who were hostage.My heart goes to them and their family.
BTW today its Blog Readers Appreciation Day I thank and appreciated that you had visited my site.
God Bless