Thursday, April 2, 2009

Book Lovers

My in-laws were at the office last Tuesday for a Family Partnership meeting. It was sort of a family reunion. I was so glad Judy brought a box full of new books. We have asked her about it before but unfortunately, they were in Australia for a vacation. She owns a children’s bookstore and sells it to a lot of schools around LA County. I was so glad she spared me some. I know she gives to charities too. She said they were fairly new but with a little damage on it and they can’t sell it anymore. Most companies just want them to keep it and so it goes to the box and off to the Philippines. Yay!

I was so impressed talking to my niece on the phone last week. I heard her speech which she delivered in school during their recognition program. She’s only 5 years old and she’s so fluent. It’s amazing how she’s able to memorize a 4-paragraph speech. And now that she can already read, I’m sure she can appreciate all the children’s books (something I don’t have when I was a kid). My Mom told me she’s like me- really loves reading.

Hopefully, we can donate some of it to the public day care too :) Good thing Judy offered to send more books every 4 months. Awesome! My sister-in-law had the reputation of being so nice and sincere.

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