Friday, April 17, 2009

A Blissful Gratitude!

As far as I can remember, I wrote small notes to myself about everything. They were simply reminders, passages that glitters in every book that I read, some are observations and unripe thoughts or collection of cropped newspaper’s articles. This way, I could recollect and identify the feelings and mixed thoughts at the instant.

I carried the same attitude until college. And life seemed to work closely as I planned. I was expecting enormous hardships. I had trained my mind and heart to hang on. Perhaps that was the easiest part. I don’t have to complain and I just go with the flow. It worked pretty well and so naturally for me.

I had written a lot of famous quotes, unrefined emotions, movie snippets, and friend’s favorite lines all over my notebooks and even on my test papers, lol! One of my college instructors had noticed it one day. And with those simple notes, born a connection. It is as if he knew me all along. I just assumed he can relate. We probably had the same thing in common. I was too shy to ask. He’s been there, done that- I just guessed. He never goes out of the class without opening my notes and would ask – what that certain phrase means to me? It was strange at first but later on, I get it. He unselfishly shared some pieces of wisdom and continues to inspire me to never give up. One of the unforgettable phrase that had retained in my mind until now is this metaphor of him: “Math is like Basketball. At first, you thought it’s easy to play yet when you actually play it- you’d be surprised to find out how difficult it is. However, with persistence and practice, you’ll master it”. Later years in college, I had found that metaphor so simple yet so true.

I had collected numerous bits and pieces of wisdom over the years. It is like breathing to me. I had shared a lot of those in this blog and if you’re a regular visitor, you probably noticed it. Most of it came from my favorite authors whom I considered “Modern Prophets”.

Hence, the birth of this blog a year ago because of exactly the same attitude. Okay, I didn’t stop collecting. It is a mixed bag of my thoughts, reflections, insights and some of my personal stories. Half of it is passages from books that might convey joys, inspirations and comfort in one way or another.

Yay! It’s been a year of blogging and counting! I’m grateful for all your support all these time and for taking time to read or leave some comments. Although some of it I don’t really agree with but hey, it’s free! It’s all so true that we may see the same thing but looked at it in different ways. And truth is an endless path just like real diamonds- it glitters in various directions depending on how the light shines. Sometimes, all we have to do is set aside all our assumptions, put away the entire mind’s clatters and listen… then and only then, can we appreciate the true power of listening.

Have a wonderful weekend!

8 Grateful Heart's Words:

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Paul Maurice Martin said...

My book actually began as little scraps of paper with notes written to myself! Once I really got into writing I kept journals and files, but I still always had a small pad of paper near my bed and in my car because ideas can always come unexpectedly - the best ones, at least in my case, pretty much always did.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary. You really came a long way and you have indeed shared your thoughts and those quotable quotes to your readers. We are very grateful for the nuggets of information and inspiration you always share with us. Thank you so much. Thanks for this wonderful post. God bless you always.

Duni said...

Shawie...a beautiful and wise post. I also write down words of wisdom or cut them from newspapers. I have a long list. Every now and then I read them and feel much better for doing so.
a wonderful weekend to you too!

Alicia said...

I enjoy doing the same thing. I have large binders full of quotes I've collected over the years from people of all kinds of backrounds and religions... it doesn't matter, if it's true and if it's inspiring then I Love it and belive it's a gift from God!!
With the ability to post things on the computer I've sorta takin' a liking to the paperless version of collecting. I love your attitude! Never stop sharing! :)

dhimas130184 said...

its great blog, so amazing, i will visit back.
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BK said...

I love collecting words too but am not as organize as you. I have learnt a lot from quotations from famous people and am continuing to learn from the timeless wisdom they left behind. And some of these quotations have became part of the values I believe in.

Karen said...

What an awesome post. I loved reading about your past and how you had a good attitude. Wonderful.