Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Weekend

My husband had a cold last Saturday. It was weird coz it didn’t last long. We were so panicked. Last year, I had the annoying cough for almost a month. I even went to the doctor but he never found any infections at all. Two weeks later, Jim got it. It was worse though coz he had it for so long, almost 2 months! It was so strange. We both never had that kind of cough before.

Anyway, my Momma guppy gave birth to another set of babies last night. Geee… we didn’t even noticed she was preggo. I thought she’s only getting fat (like me, lol!). We just unconfined her first set of babies – a week ago. It’s getting out of control now. There maybe 50 or so fish in my 8-gallon tank. She did eat some of her new babies. I felt so bad. I didn’t have enough time to put her in her breeding box. Somehow, that took care of the problem though. Poor baby guppies:( I really had to bring back the Momma to Pet Store.

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