Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I hate to admit it but I have been addicted to an online game lately. One thing that fascinates me with this particular game is I can design my own farm. I have been dreaming to own a farm someday and so, I just got hooked to it, LOL. It’s funny but I got my competitive spirit going. I spent most of the night farming when I should be relaxing, watching TV. It was entertaining at first but I got tired in the middle part but I just hate to stop. I wanted to get going and worse, I wanted to finish it right away, hahaha! Yeah, I know. It’s not real. It’s dumb and it’s definitely a compulsive behavior. Well, I got over it now. It was a big relief to finally have a peace of mind. Mind you, I am at the market but my mind was all about the farm. I’m worried it might turn to waste if I don’t harvest it right away. Geeeezzz! Well, that was the first time I get really addicted. I’m just glad I’m over it now. It’s really a waste of time. And what did I get from it? Oh well, just a mansion, a drawing, lol!

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