Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Captured Vivid Memory

What is the first thing you can remember so vividly? They say that our earliest memories have an extraordinary force that seems to strengthen with each reminiscence. They suggest at who we have become and indicate the feelings and attitudes that really drive us.

The heat of the sun is biting my skin and the softness of the mud seemed to balance the comfort of bending all day. The dirt smells good with the fresh breeze as it touches my face. My head was spinning with different imaginations and leisure. Every now and then I looked up at the clouds and they seemed smiling and so proud of me.

My Mom, who is brave by heart, a gambler at fault, kept telling me that “there’s nothing impossible under the heat of the sun”. I took it seriously and well, literally. It instantaneously delights me as I continue planting rice on a bright, summer day.

“So, can I tell you a story?” I asked my sister who is planting on the other side of the field. I started telling her a movie just to kill the time and not being so conscious about the sizzling heat.

When there’s nothing to tell anymore, we were silent for a while. Thoughts started building up. I promised myself to get out of the mud someday. I promised to do better than my parents.

Then, I felt so much compassion for the farmers I saw nearby. Their faces wrinkled, their hands so dirty, clothes full of mud and yet never cared eating their lunch boxes under the shades of coconut trees. They are happy people so it seemed. They whistle a lot and some even sing out loud, throwing jokes at each other which echoed throughout the fields.

I can recall so vividly, how happy I was on that day for a job well-done. I was nine then. Ah, I always liked remembering that day. It reminded me of a renewed spirit, joyful hopes and innocent longings of pure gratification.

7 Grateful Heart's Words:

burn said...

hello, nice blog. care to ex links?

Duni said...

Shawie...a wonderful trip down memory lane.
My earliest memory is of age three: I vividly remember wearing a yellow nightie. Even then I was fascinated by fabrics!!!

Debbie said...

Shawie, thanks for sharing this early memory with us. So young to be working in the fields but a good memory for you. I've missed visiting you lately but will return.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

This is a very interesting question Shawie.
I may or may not work on this and do a post.

I don't have a scanner that works so I can't scan any old pictures.

Your memory is just wonderful as this post is.

And you have managed to to provoke a good memory from my child hood...thank you for that!:-)

Secondary Roads said...

Wonderful story. Reminds me of working in the garden or picking strawberries in my youth.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happiness is never dependent on one's status in life nor in one's material possessions but on his mental attitude. Even the poorest of the poor can be happy and contented with what little he has so long as he is enjoying what he does. Happiness is being content with what we have without any tinge of covetousness. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

lyla said...

Great post and blog as well!Thanks for sharing this vivid memory. :)