Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Allergies and Coughing

DH has been sleeping all day last Saturday. It was so weird and I could tell he really doesn’t like it. His doctor gave him some steroids for his cough that’s been going on for over a month now. He had seen different doctors and the results are the same: he doesn’t have any infections at all. It could be that he’s allergic to something. I remembered having the same cough last year that lasted for 2 weeks. Then, he got it after me and he was coughing for 2 months. It’s very strange to get the same cough 2 summers in a row. There must be something that we’re both allergic too. We were thinking it maybe the paint coz we painted the house (inner) the same time last year. Ah, allergies. It’s an endless possibility.

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