Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rants and Sighs

Certainly, times have changed and so has insights. What was once considered inappropriate and disgusting is now widely accepted or became a part of deluded culture. Lifestyles, relationships have been redefined. Or at least, that’s what media have been trying to press on in their daily shows. Ladies dancing like worms and almost naked on a noontime show. As what my husband used to comment, “It’s not so very Filipino”. Yes, watching this noon time show on TFC make me sick sometimes.

Things just went way overboard, ridiculous and uncontrollable since the explosion of cell phones. I remembered being shocked when I came back from Taiwan and found these young kids so busy texting while walking on the mall. I felt like a stranger and so left behind. It’s even more surprising to me when I found out that those kids that used to play on the streets; now on their early teens became Moms. Geeee! What scary news! It’s very sad to realize that the young generations never learned from the past. They’ve been trapped on the same cycle (sigh).

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