Friday, April 18, 2008

Thoughts on Polygamy

There is just lot of things going on these past few days: the heated debate of the Democratic nominees, the raid of the FLDS Church regarding Polygamy in Texas and the first visit of the Pope to the US after heavy scandals on child molestation by some priests. In a nutshell, it is a question of faith, peace and being a brother’s keeper. A fallen leader or prophet, a President at stake, a Pope trying to iron the issues- is nothing surprising at all. The cycle of the generations in centuries and history just go back and forth. Are we just a generation of too much information, too much knowledge at hand and yet, forgot the basic?

My heart was completely torn for the Moms who were being separated from their kids. I just can’t believe that in an advanced civilization like America- such community would exist. It’s ridiculous to hear a Mom on TV kept asking for justice in “the Land of the Brave and the Land of Free”. While I may not be there to witness the situation first hand but then, I felt so desperate how all these kind of society or these people allow themselves to be a victim? I don’t even understand why these ladies are crying for justice without even knowing what they’re crying all about and use their religion or faith as an excuse? For me, it is the laziness of these people that have trapped themselves to a perpetual ignorance. I agree, it is not a question of religion- it is a question of awareness. They just fail to question their religious beliefs or even try to make an effort to understand the reason behind that law. A major form that laziness takes is FEAR. My take on this is: if they’re asking for justice and freedom, why would they allow their kids to be married as early as 13? Or let their leader control them by pulling out the head of the family or the Dad out from that household, leave and start another family in another city with a new wife?

Well, here's an insight from one of my favorite author, CS Lewis:
Of course, I quiet agree that the Christian religion is, in
the long run, a thing of unspeakable discomfort. But it does not begin in
comfort; it begins in the dismay and it is no use at all trying to go on to that
comfort without first going through that dismay. In religion, as in war and
everything else, comfort is one thing you cannot get looking for it. If you look
for the truth, you may find comfort in the end: if you look for comfort you will
not get either comfort or truth-only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin
with and the in the end, despair.

6 Grateful Heart's Words:

emanrais said...

A very good post for a think and rethinking all about. This was a really sensitive matter, since cant find a free word to say any. Or such implications may occur. But this is such simultanously frightening and exciting to talk. Poliginy was a custom in moslem country, but only 3% of moslems in the world who practized polygamy. Based on CNN reported last week.

Salamat said...

Actually, the question here now is the child abuse. For me, the State did the right thing to help these ladies understand what their role as Moms.

Thanks for your insight Emanrais:)

emanrais said...

Childs abuse? In a higly content of democratic America? In all my believed and faith, children were God's Amanaa. That means belonged to God but put at our human to love and care of them as all the ways of God wish. Understood nobodies perfect, but with love and shabar (patient) we could reach that selamat (fine, magand) way in the name of Allah. If we can built this arts of life, we must be a happily ever creature.
We have to love those children, shawie. It doesnot matter whose child they were. They deserve to be care with love. Especially orphanes. Wish to understood, this was not only the moslem way, but human as a mothernature ways.

Shan-ul-Hai said...

I wish we had more information about this issue. All I've seen is allegations and people jump to conclusions without getting the facts straight. Nothing has actually been proven yet about the 14-year old girls being married... or about the sexual abuse... are they trying to hide something from us? It doesn't seem like the kind of thing that'd be hard to verify.

Either way, it's a sad situation... but I just wish that they'd conduct a real investigation so that we could come up with some conclusions instead of just letting it fade into obscurity (as I'm sure it will in a couple of weeks).

Salamat said...

I believe that Man made the law for mankind but humans are not made for the law... if there's a human need- the law must bend. In this scenario, whether there's an evidence or not... such cases should be heard and it should be solved or approached in a way that it will be for the benefit of all in the long term. I'm happy that this kind of evil act has been taken into serious consideration.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that the picture in this post speaks volumes. I really feel the emotion behind that picture. It is crazy that this kind of society existed for so long. You never know what all is happening out there in the world. I guess situations have to be tackled as they come. We must keep the children in prayer because they (along with the women) will have to face the culture shock of being in the world that we live in and consider "normal".