Saturday, April 5, 2008


Whew! So I passed the driving test and I'm on my own now. I love the fun and freedom of being mobile at last. So, I had my first trip to the gasoline station. For God's sake, I was such a comic then. I wonder if the people at the Starbucks across the street are thinking I might be freaking weirdo. I kept pushing the circular thing trying to open the gas tank? Grrrrr, what the heck? for over 10 minutes, I can't figure it out! Holy smokes! duh?! So,I called my husband and there finally I opened it in just a second. That was so dumb of me, lols! Blaine is teasing me so much, he thought it's funny! I kept looking up above hoping there's no camera to catch me, wuahaha! Then, I started pushing the buttons and put the nozzle in, grrrrrrrrr...why it's not working? how could it be so hard?Then, the cashier of that gas station came out trying to help me out. He helped me, I was relieved. I kept apologizing since it's my first car,hahaha! Okay, I have to go coz my friend Dyane is waiting for me. But my steering wheel is locked?! Oh no! I can't move my car:( Gezzzz... then a guy whose looking at me trying to do something came to help me. Finally, am back on the road. Wow! what a blooper!!!That was few days ago then.

This afternoon, I was driving to JoAnn's Craft store to buy some sheer for the window project we had. It was pretty easy drive. I was hoping to drop by at Staples after that. But then, I was so stupid again. On my way back, I forgot that I will be turning left. I never even noticed it. As I was heading North, I hit the end of La Paz Rd. Oh No! I have to get back! So I turned on the residential areas hoping it will lead me back to La Paz. But boy, I was lost!!! So, I parked and tried to pull my IPhone out from my purse. Am glad,it has dropped pin feature on it. Iwas able to locate where I’m at.

Okay,I have to get back to the main road. So I was cruising again and it lead me to another road that I never been before! I’m completely lost! I can now see the signs ahead where it used to be- I just don’t care. I parked again.Grrrrrr… I was trying to call my husband but then my battery just died!Shoootttt!!! Bummer! I was just so scared coz I know what would happen next. Go to the near gas station and call my hubby on the pay phone. But I don’t even know where would that be. I was trying to recall all the streets that I have gone through and finally,I’m back to La Paz Rd. Wow! After an hour! I gotta go home right away. It’s not fun anymore, hahaha!!!


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