Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Bitter are the tears of a child:
Sweeten them.
Deep are the thoughts of a child:
Quiet them.
Sharp is the grief of a child:
Take it from him.
Soft is the heart of a child:
Do not harden it.
-Pamela Glenconner

Education in the Philippines has a similar system to that of the United States. These days, Filipino children enter school at about age four, starting from Nursery up to Kindergarten. At about seven years of age, children enter a primary school.

During our time though, the pre-school is only optional. When I entered grade 1 at the age of 7, I already know the alphabet and how to write my name. I guess, my Mom is such a good teacher. I did well in school although I’m pretty shy. I remembered in grade 3, one of my teachers assigned me to teach another classmate who doesn’t know how to read. I thought that was a big responsibility. I felt sorry for my classmate because he really cannot read even a simple word. Very curious, I went to their house since we’re neighbors. His Mom asked me how her son doing in school. I just said- he’s learning just like me. Then, she mentioned she was not able to finish high school and she doesn’t want her kids to be like her who had a problem with reading. I felt so bad to realize how could a parent teach her kids and help with all their homework when she- herself doesn’t know how to read? I certainly understand her frustrations. If only she knew how her son was being bullied in school. I can still hear my teacher or my classmates teasing him that when a letter “A” comes in, it goes out to letter “O”- meaning, a zero score. I mean, it’s sad because it’s true. I just don’t understand why my classmates and even the teacher were so rude. It’s not his fault to be born not too smart.

But well, it’s how we are being measured in our society. If only his parents were rich although he’s dumb- it would have been different.

4 Grateful Heart's Words:

Pinay Jade said...

Hi that is a very sad story to hear. Your classmate must have some reading deficiency or something. It is definitely not his fault.I expected more from the teacher, she/he should always be a role model to the students.

Christoff said...

Hi there,

I came across your site via linkreferral and pop'ed in for a look.

Really nice site! Keep it up!


Salamat said...

Yap, Pinay's sad but it's the reality :( it' not common these days, I guess. Children are now protected from the terror teachers. We are just way behind but who knows, things will change:)

Anyway, thanks, Christoff for dropping by:)

... said...

If only the situation is different. If only our country doesn't belong in the third world. If only majority of the Filipinos are rich, they could have given their children a very good education. If only the salary of a teacher is bigger, people could have had this profession and they could have taught students well. If only your classmate is rich, your classmate's mom could have graduated in college and could have known how to read and she could have taught her son everytime he has a hard time coping with the lesson. If only... . That's reality. And it hurts.