Monday, April 21, 2008

Charcoals and Woods

The smell of my Mom’s home cooking would wake me up early in the morning. The yummy fried, dried fish or scrambled eggs and hot cocoa are always ready in the table when we get up. That’s the best treat we can get before going to school. She wakes up early in the morning most of the time. I mean, as early as 4AM. When everybody is still snoring while she’s so busy watering the flowers in the garden.

I was not a kitchen slave when I was growing up. It’s my most hated chore then especially rainy days. You know why? Because of this:

One time, it took me an hour or so just to make a fire from wet woods. My eyes were sore and I was so frustrated I cannot boil water for the rice. Since then, I always choose some other family chores. I don’t care if I have to baby sit my younger brothers the whole day than cooking or clean the whole house! Oh boy, it really takes a lot of practice to prepare a whole good meal for just an hour. That's one thing I had never accomplished when I was a kid. Most of my friends are very good at it as early as 5 years old.

Oh well, I just told myself to work harder just so I won't end up cooking on the same pot over the next 20 years. I guess, I have been a big dreamer ever since.

6 Grateful Heart's Words:

Tahn said...

Great entry !:)

sandi said...

Does not sound all that bad to me. We all have different talents. One lack created another positive dreaming big!


Pinay Jade said...

I hate cooking rice too because I would have to watch it and I wont be able to play outside. And same as to clearinf up the table....Oh well I guess I hated all chores;)

Charles said...

Wow, that's an interesting post.

emanrais said...

It's the women'sworld. My wife woke and busy since 4am, no matter how she quality her sleep.

Salamat said...

..thanks, guys!

It just occur to me that my hubby took those pictures during his visin in Asia 10 years ago and he's fascinated with it. Things they never done and I don't like, lols! and there goes my story:)