Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Had Enough Sleep?

Sleep is one of those amusing things about being a human being -- you just have to do it. The sleep needs vary from person to person, and they change throughout the lifecycle. Most adults need 7–8 hours of sleep each night. Some people believe that adults need less sleep as they get older. But there is no evidence to show that older people can get by with less sleep than younger people. As people age, however, they often get less sleep or they tend to spend less time in the deep, restful stages of sleep. Older people are also more easily awakened.

There are many common myths about sleep. We hear them frequently especially when we were kids. Oh, our Mom always scatters the mat on the floor after lunch for us to get a nap. I really hated that. I can’t sleep at all. I can hear my playmates screaming, laughing and playing outside and too bad I can’t go and play with them. All these nap-ritual was implemented to us by our parents because they said; getting enough sleep will help us grow taller. Hmmm, am not sure about that.

As I grow older, I tend to sleep a lot. I always make it a point that I had 8-hour sleep at night and at least an hour nap in the afternoon. Wow, I’m such a sleeper, ain’t it? In our town, the most common scenario you will see is this:

It’s funny how everything just stopped for a while after lunch and wonder where everybody goes? It is part of our tradition- siesta. For me, naps planned as part of a regular daily routine can be useful in promoting wakefulness after you awaken. My husband doesn’t do that; so- he always tease me about getting a nap even when I’m already here in the US.

Okay, I guess am off for siesta now.

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

William said...

5 hours of sleep good enough for me.

emanrais said...

I got such bad habit in sleep. It was occasional or situational. Under frustated condition I may got only 4-5 hrs a night. In this case a 2-3 hrs siesta will be fine. Thanks to God, at last 2-3 days I got such a 7-8 hrs by night, but no siesta since the weather rather hotter. But have to take atleast 5km walk daily, drink a lot of aqua, fruits and fresh vegetables. A lot of smiles too.