Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Heat

It’s been cooking in the office these days. My part doesn’t get enough air from the AC unfortunately. I had the fan running too while the AC is already down to 59F. We don’t have that much cool air here in the office than at the house. It’s more inland here.

Talking about summer heat, the community had implemented a “watering schedule”. We are only allowed to turn on our sprinkles three times a week. Oh my, oh my. We had the biggest side lawn in the neighborhood, I guess. Our grass will all be brown in few days. It’s really frustrating. Some of the neighbors decided to pull their grass out and plant more flowers. Some did some kind of a “desert” landscaping with cactus and stones instead of grass. Oh well, we’ve gotta do it; otherwise, we’ll pay 1,000 if we’re caught.

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

Debbie said...

I'm surprised we don't have a watering schedule here in Phoenix. It's so dry and hot. But I was so glad that we got some rain this morning. It was the first rain in such a long time.

femmepower said...

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