Friday, July 17, 2009

Savory Meals and Companionships

“What? Are you still sitting at the table?” my father shook his head with disbelief. We just laughed at him.

That’s usually the scenario after dinner time. It took us hours to get up, savoring on our Mom’s yummy cooking and meandering chats. We just talk about what our day has been, our friends and families.

We had this long, antique wooden table- probably built in the 1940’s and 2 long benches. Mom sits on the middle and while eating, everybody join into some sort of discussion. We are 8 kids in the family and so one sometimes had to shout to be heard.

My younger sister told us one time that her teacher called her too many names in school. Her teacher started calling her on my name up to the fourth sister's name before she got it right. We thought that was hilarious coz our Mom used to do that too.

Every time I come home from college, I saved tons of stories to tell on the dinner table. I really missed the fun and the atmosphere that I grew up with. I can’t wait to get home. That’s one thing that I was surprised to know at my cousin’s table. I never heard anybody talking. Everybody just seemed to concentrate on their foods. For years of staying with them, I always felt that eating is just another chore. The kids don’t have a good appetite and parents usually just swallowed their way through dinner. It’s sad to say that despite the delicious cooking my cousin prepared, I can’t linger over the delectable foods and like them, I just hurried my way to the kitchen.

Well, being married now- I could happily say that we do have the same table ritual. My husband is a cheerful, slow-eater too and sharing meals with him gives us the chance to know each other all the more where we can just sit relax and enjoy our meals together.

9 Grateful Heart's Words:

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Pareho pala tayo Sha! We had this long table and a wooden long benches on each long side of the table and we would eat together, kami tanan naay stories to tell. Sa bukid man among balay ato oi so mosamot ka-bibo kay naay wakwak magtingog sa gawas ba. Hahaha. Na ambot saba kaayo mi kung kami magdungan pangaon kay iya-iya daghan kabuang masulti. Nyahaha. Maka-miss lagi. Samot na nga lami kaayo ang luto sa mama ug papa namo. We do the same, too, labi na now that we have a daughter around. Sa dinner table mi daghan kaayo ug katawa kay diha pud amo anak magpa-kita sa iyang mga atik.

Panganak na mo Sha para samot mo ka-bibo during dinnertime! ;-)

Great weekend dear!

Secondary Roads said...

What pleasant memories. They evoke more memories of our house, four kids and our parents.

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dddiva said...

What a great post- I love lingering over the table with family and friends, just being, not like now when everyone is always rushing off to the next thing.
Thank you for sharing.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Table banter during meals is a wonderful bonding experience for everyone. It is there where everybody can really relax and exchange notes with their loved ones. It is also there where the family clown can crack jokes to the enjoyment of everyone. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Debbie said...

I too had a family growing up that always ate at the table and that was where many meaningful conversations took place. I miss that now. My hubby doesn't like sitting at the table so we often eat in front of the TV. :(

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Salute said...

I think these are all great memories. Some families doesn't share meals together at the dinner table as they did in the past. Maybe on holidays they will shared a meal together.

Warren Baldwin said...

Eating together is a lost ritual for too many families in America. Looking back, meals at the table with our children was a cherished time. When they come home it still is. Good tradition you have going.