Friday, July 10, 2009

Comforting Expressions

I keep saying to myself that so much of life is shaped by the questions we ask of it. Questions like "what others think of me?" as opposed to "how can I live a meaningful life?" Each and everyday offers an opportunity to reconsider and redefine our own points of views. I always thought problems when not dealt thoroughly with will just suffocate out of us. It’s always a breeze when you can vent some, when you can write what’s bothering you, when you can pour out everything that’s in your mind. Sometimes it doesn’t matter when nobody cared to listen, when nobody agrees with you, when nobody can understand.

When I read my baby brother’s email, I had seen a matured man in him. Our relationship with our Mom is not perfect, there are ups and downs. I think, our Mom is in crisis on how to let go of her kids. She maybe aware of her boundaries but she’s still having a hard time dealing with it. Over the years, most of her kids just kept things to themselves.

Shifting for a healthier, more communicative, more interactive relationship was a great preference for our family. Thanks to the magic of technology, it wasn’t too late for my Mom to appreciate emailing, texting and chatting. It’s not that difficult to say the things we wanted to say anymore. We maintained an open communication.

Obviously, both our parents and us, kids are born on different eras. I’m aware of how hard it is to find our feet on this ever-changing world but it’s definitely a means of survival. I’m just grateful our Mom isn’t that closed-minded although sometimes her domineering personality will surface and she becomes defensive and tends to attack at first. I understand where she’s coming from.

Yes, there were quiet a few issues we don’t agree with. Arguments are of course inevitable and necessary so long as it’s productive. As Paul Tillich had said, the first duty of love is to listen.

Happy weekend, everyone!^-^

5 Grateful Heart's Words:

Dorothy L said...

Family dynamics are quite challenging as we all have them to deal with. I have always found that distance is a very good friend when it comes to dealing with family.

They are of a different era and that does make it very difficult for them to understand our decisions as we will too experience from time to time with our own:)

Paul Maurice Martin said...

Really listening to someone is harder than it sounds, but it's such an inviting and effective communication tool. People aren't used to really being listened to!

Yen said...

I agree that the first thing to love is to listen. Communication is very essential to bridge the gap of misunderstanding

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Maybe our mother may not be perfect but they are still our mother to whom we owe almost our entire life. Though how imperfect your mother maybe, shower her with love and affection even from a distance. Time will come when you can no longer do this and you will rue the wasted times that you did not express all your feelings and love for her. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Yep, when we are physically away from each other, that's when we find it too easy to express the words "I love you" to our loved ones.

Thanks indeed to the power of technology! Even those in the mountains, we could reach our family and friends basta naa lang signal. :)

Great week ahead Shawie!