Monday, October 5, 2009

Fight Over Nothing

B had been out of town again for a series of meetings with buyers. Basically, I had to sit, work and answer phone calls at the office. When DH called, I was in the restroom and so A had answered the phone for me. DH freaked out when A told him that he doesn’t know where I’m at. He’s working at the back in the warehouse. Then DH called me on my iPhone but unfortunately, I didn’t hear it. I put it on silent mode. I called him back the moment I saw a missed call. He then asked me, where did I go? Innocently, I said- I’m right here. Then he snapped at me. I didn’t even have a clue why he got so upset. Anyway, he apologized after I explained what happened, why I haven’t answered his calls. He knew I was hurt.

I went to the bank, did some deposits and I arrived with this flower and a post-it-note in my desk.
Still hurt, I managed to ask him if the flowers are real. He said it is real coz his apology is real. That put a smile on my face and we made up! Okay, so much of the dramas, lol!

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

Rare Recel said...

Hehehe... sweet, sweet, sweet! I love the real flowers because indeed, they're real apologies after all!

Great weekend Shawie!

karen (berkatrice) said...

that's really sweet of your hubby to think of you and worry about you even while at work... =)