Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day Unto Day

DH picked up B late last night or should I say very early at the airport. He drove to LAX past 11 and came home around 3 in the morning. B just got back from his meeting with one of our major accounts in the East Coast. He’s been in the airport for 4 hours after they canceled his flight. Annoyed by the changing of flight schedules, he just decided to go for the next available flight regardless of time. So, there it is… they both went to bed so late and B still managed to go to work today! Superman that he is! No wonder he makes real good money. He just loved his job and we’re so proud of him. His work ethics is really impressive. DH is now half-retired you know. He shows up here in the office maybe twice a week for a couple of hours. He mostly works at home now. Good for him and I’m even more proud of him. I remembered the times when we were still on the “getting-to-know” stage when he kept telling me how late he went to bed and how early he had to wake up to catch up the East Coast customers. His company had gone so far and we’re ever more grateful for all the blessings!

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