Saturday, May 3, 2008

Home Away from Home!

Wow! It was my first time to go on a long flight. I have been sleeping all the way from Los Angeles to Japan then more naps to Manila, hahaha! I took 2 sleeping pills and it's been a great help. As soon as I arrived Japan, I looked for money changer booth to have money for the Internet use as I have to e-mail my husband. I was waiting for my 100 Yen only to find out it's only like a quart-size coin, hahaha!

I arrived Manila very late- 11PM. It's been so shocking crowded at the airport and warm. There is that familiar attitude of impatience and aggressive crowd that had annoyed me (again?). Anyway, thanks to Jason and his wife for the warm welcome. I never told my family that I'm coming home for a vacation except my brother. We arrived 12 midnite at the other airport for my domestic flight. It was funny where all you see are people sleeping on the benches- waiting for their connecting flight. I had my early connecting flight- 5AM. My brother waited for me at the local airport in CDO. It was fun to see the shocking faces of my sister and my other brothers in the apartment. I just woke them up to do the household chores because it's late, hahaha!

The next day, we travelled to the island to my parent's house. It's pretty early (4AM) that we left Cagayan de Oro just to avoid the warm weather and hussles and for us to catch the first ferry ride to the island.

I told them not to tell anybody yet. My Mom kept on calling my brothers to come home for the fiesta. So, he just said, we're going home early but with a visitor from UK. What the heck? Who is that visitor? Okay, they just guessed, maybe it's my cousin. Soon as I get out of the vehicle, my Mom was outside the house. I was hiding but she can hear my voice and was just teary-eyed to see me! It was indeed a heart-warming homecoming!

6 Grateful Heart's Words:

earthlingorgeous said...

welcome back to the philippines! mabuhay!

where is my pasalubong? hehehe!

btw, I got a tag for yah up at my earthly blog, post title meme monday and social climbing! :) vote me :D thanks in advance.

have a happy vacation!

earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Shawie,

Off topic, I got a mother's day tag for you up at My Happiness Haven. Happy Mother's day in advance.

4ever7 said...

When I went to New York last December, I also had a very, very long trip. We had two stoppovers: Nagoya then Detroit before JFK. So tiring!

earthlingorgeous said...

looks like you are having a wonderful vacation in there! I git a tag for you when you get back!

Pinay Jade said...

Ohhh your mom terribly missed you then.It's nice to be back huh.Oh I just love fiestas.
Here's my WW - Paparazzi Experience

By the way I will be on a blog leave See u when I get back.


Salamat said...

Hi, guys! Thanks for the messages:) I do apologize for not responding promptly. I'm really enjoying my stay in the island even for only 8 days. I'll see you around!