Thursday, November 19, 2009


It was a chilly, foggy morning when I noticed a missed call and a voicemail from a friend. I hurriedly listened to her message and in between lines were sobs. I was deeply saddened by the news too. I called her back and wished her sympathy and condolences. She was all the more crying and I was lost for comforting words. Saying goodbyes are always tough.

Then it hit me thinking about her past. Her dark secrets of unhappy married life. I definitely understand and respect her wishes as to why she’d love to keep it to herself. We just live in a small town as you know. It’s always difficult to deal with some not-so-smart neighbors. I can’t help but sigh. As if the whole world was dropped on my shoulders.

I prayed for her safety and that God will give her more strength to be able to carry her cross and continue on her journey. Her perception about marriage is commendable. Sure, it’s easy to love a lovable person but the biggest challenge of the faithful is to love the most unlovable person. It leaves me confused and yet relieved to know that she’s aware of what she’s doing. She had a better understanding of some things and probably had a better grip of reality let alone, marriage.

As much as I wanted to pour in the whole situation but I prefer to keep it anonymous. The whole point is the impact it gave me as this point of my life. Every journey is packed with mysteries and danger. The journey demands we listen, observe, feel the "new" while letting go of the "old". Sure, there’d be challenges. There will be that first challenge; there will be that next challenge; there will be those lifelong challenges. There will be intense trials to endure and upsetting circumstances to meet. They continually will seek to control our own voice into a submissive echo. Sure, it’s a lot harder to paddle against the current. Most of the times, we just let it flow to be able to survive. Yes, surrender is a virtue that one can learn overtime.

5 Grateful Heart's Words:

Debbie said...

Oh how I've missed visiting your blog, Shawie. Life isn't always easy and marriage can be challenging. I feel for your friend and love that you simply listened. That can be hard when we often want to fix the problem. Certainly if someone is in physical danger that is different, but not everyone is easy to live with. And I've found that hurting people hurt people. They are the ones who need love the most and yet often push people away.

Anyway, I just want you to know that I'm glad I got to visit you today. And I'm sending you a blog hug.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Since you are blogging on the more spiritual aspects of life, you are in the best position to help people at the crossroads of their lives. You can give counseling and sympathy to those who need comfort or those who are grieving. But most of all, you can pray for people to be enlightened so that they will seek God in their lives. Prayer is the most effective tool to help people who are in the dark. Thanks for your post. God bless you always.

Alicia said...

Someone said, "Strength isn't something you, have it is something you find." and I add it is something you find through turning to the Source of ultimate strength which is God. He is our loving Father in Heaven.

Moses' life wasn't easy, nor Noahs, Abrahams, neither was Pauls and most of all our Savior, Jesus Christ's life was not easy by any definition of the word. The thing they all had in common though was faith in God and their love for God. They were guided and strengthened in the midst of huge trials and they never doubted God's love for them.

It's good your friend can call on you and that you are able to share your beautiful testimony of faith and hope through God.

Catherine said...

I will pray God will give you and your friend strength. God Bless~

BK said...

Life is indeed full of ups and downs and we are often put through tests. I always believe that everything happen for a reason and we may not always know the reason when it happens. But just have the faith that we can learn something from the what happens. I always believe the opportunity to grow too. I just wish for the best for your friend, that she will have to strength to move pass whatever she is going through now.