Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a Quick Note

I would like to apologize to my avid followers. I know there’s still some, hehehe… I have been caught up with work lately. We came back on my birthday. Yeah, I spent my 32nd birthday at the back of the plane, lol! Good thing, it’s from Hawaii. I haven’t had a chance to blow my birthday candle but I did open my surprise present from my husband (of course) which I personally picked a month before. Yes, that’s a lot of surprise for me, lol! I loved my new Cartier watch, very simple yet elegant.

Anyway, our Christmas sales started right after we arrived from vacation. That’s why we took that vacation in the first place (wink). It was a perfect timing for us! We know it’s going to be a hectic weeks ahead of us. Aside from my daily routine at work, I helped A with his paperwork. It’s very tedious since one of our major accounts doesn’t have a distribution center. I worked 3-whole day for that since it has to be shipped right away. I couldn’t complain though, A had been sweating in the warehouse. He had more tough things to do. I’m just happy to assist him. And in a week, three- 40’ container arrived and most of the items will be shipped in 2 weeks. We’re darn full and to solve the problem, we rented two-40’ container and were parked right outside our warehouse. Oh boy… what else can I say? It’s a blessing! Thank God!

Oh, how I missed you all! I definitely will get back to you soon as I get a chance but for now, please accept my apologies! Hugs!!!

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Hi Shawie! Unsa man na ang mga boxes? Unsa diay inyo business? (If ok lang mangutana ha. Hehe...)

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Sis Shawie! Belated Happy Birthday! What a beautiful birthday present!

I am one of your avid followers and I have been waiting for some updates from you...