Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Release of Silence

It's such an amazing gift to find silence amidst the noise and clutters of the world. And to gain that takes a lot more practice.

When I worked in Taiwan and having to share the room with 4 more persons- finding quiteness was so difficult. I have to climb up to the roof top or go to the near park to spend sometime for myself. I felt like it's just too much to interact with one another after all the stressful night at work. I can have a sense of balance just to be with me. During those times, I have been distracted with deeper issues of self-pity, insecurities, anger, hopelessness and all other negativity that tried to drag me down. I felt like if I don't stop, I will stumble along the wayside. Everytime I go out from my own sanctuary, everything seemed strange. How I wish I can just hide myself forever in that place. Eventually, I became addicted to that sensation of being alone. There's always an urge to go back. After a few months, I have learned to appreciate the little moments of silence with friends. Then, it became an ordinary thing to be with me and my God all the time.

Silence indeed is something that's deep within, it must grow and be nurtured. Without it, we cannot hear God nor can He speak to us. It's the totality of sacredness that binds us together. We all do need some dosage of silence once in a while. That's the only thing that keep us connected from within.

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